What whale watching tours in Hervey Bay can offer

It’s time to gather the family and make plans when whale watch season arrives. And the best you can do to make whale watching a memorable experience for everyone is to search for the best spots for it!

Opting for a whale watch, Hervey Bay is the best decision to make. It’s because Hervey Bay is considered to be the best spot to watch whales. Why?

It has been found that whales tend to stay for a couple of days in Hervey Bay than in any other whale watching spot in Australia. The coast of Hervey Bay provides the perfect spot for whales to nourish their young as well as recharge after their yearly trip from Antarctica.

Why Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay has proven to be THE destination of the Humpback whales as their annual check-in place. The protected and calm waters of Fraser Island are seen by the whales as the ideal spot to teach “adulting” to their young.

The whole nine yards of whale cavorting is realised when the whales make their annual migration on Hervey Bay. This is a phenomenon that has launched the dedication of the region to research and celebrate the ties with these magnificent creatures. The region’s dedication towards the safety of the whales and the phenomenon of making Hervey Bay the whale’s ultimate destination has made it one of the first Whale Heritage Sites of the world.

When is the best time to go?

July to November is the months the whales time their visits. It means that timing your visit during these months provides you with the best whale-watching experience. The whales’ timed and expected arrival during these months have made various whale-watching tours offer money-back guarantees to clients. It is because they feel so confident are the whales will be there at the expected time and season every year.

A host of welcoming whale celebrations is offered by Hervey Bay to all visitors. One of the most exciting celebrations is the “Paddle Out for Whales” celebration.

Paddle Out for Whales celebration allows multitudes of people to use SUPs, surfboards, bright inflatables, and kayaks to float out on the bay. The use of the various seaworthy accessories is to raise awareness of the need to conserve the welfare and environment of the whale.

What’s the best boat choice?

There is a subtle difference between whale-watching tours offered on Hervey Bay. Opting for a larger vessel allows you to enjoy a motor cruise trip around the bay for an entire day. The multiple viewing decks offered by larger vessels make whale-watching an enjoyable up-close experience.

However, a more intimate whale-watching experience is offered by smaller vessels such as a 24-seater sailing catamaran. Other than a relaxing experience, choosing catamaran tours are recommended for people who want a once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming with the whales.

For people wanting a gastronomic whale-watching package tour, vessels offering gourmet and delicious food are the best choice. Not only will you experience watching the whales up close and personal; the delicious food served on the trip levels up the number of good memories.

Book a whale watching tour ahead if you want your family whale-watching vacation to be perfect and seamless for everyone.


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