Gold Coast Transport

The Australian city, Gold Coast in Queensland, is the 6th largest city in Australia. With plenty to do in the city for tourists and natives alike, as well as many hotels, restaurants, and attractions calling out for your attention it can be overwhelming to simply pick a destination much less figure out how to get around the city. However, Gold Coast does have plenty of public transportation for rent or even for free that can get you to various spots in and outside the city in a quick and easy manner. From buses, trams, trains, and rented cars, all are available to you.

Bus Network:

Costing about 5 dollars for a one-way trip, the Gold Coast bus system takes advantage of Gold Coast’s high tourist intake and major attractions, the various buses travel all around the city and take you to the attractions, most shopping centers, restaurants, and the famed Gold Coast beaches. Outside the main hub, however, bus services are a bit less connected to one another, so be aware of that if you decide to travel outside the city.

The Trains:

Gold Coast has 6 train lines that come with spacious seating, room for strollers and bicycles, plenty of space to stand, and even free Wi-fi on some trains to make your train experience as fast as possible. The trains run down the west coast and are a short ten to fifteen-minute drive away from many attractions. All six trains run for most or all of the day, allowing you to use them at any point to quickly and easily get where you need to go. They do not run at the major beaches, but the tram lines have you covered and run all over the city, including the beaches with fast service throughout the day, the services running from 7.5 minutes to 15 mins between stops. The trams also feature kiosks, water fountains, adaptations for weather, and bike storage.

Disability Services:

The above options are all disability and senior-friendly, but for more specific travel tailored to a senior clientele Gold Coast has a senior cab service that can get seniors and their nurses out to socialize or let them get to a shopping center or grocery store. The services are 4 dollars for a round trip and take you door to door. A bus service tailored for seniors is available as well.

No matter your budget or age, cheap public transportation is available for you in Gold Coast Australia. Paper tickets and special credit cards are available for purchase to allow for ease of access, giving you no excuse not to see the sights and experiences this city has to offer.