Things to do

Information on Things to do in Gold Coast

Are you looking for what to do during your next summer holiday that will make you and your family enjoy in style? Gold Coast is your best destination with many amusing activities. The fascinations of the Gold Coast can put a smile to persons of all ages and origins. You can experience an exciting ride that will keep you cool as you enjoy your hot summer holiday.

Apart from being in a great environment, you will have access to a full range of entertainments from the stunning theme parks to amusingly kitsch museums.

Here are 5 things you can do in Gold Coast.

Visit Holoverse

Holoverse is a world-shattering theme park that is sure to use hologram expertise to navigate you to artificial spheres that are made of light. You can fly through the sky, pat artificial animals, experience gravity, jump down holes and enjoy holographic water at this park. Besides, you will get the world’s first holographic games and also experience the use of highly advanced technology, definitely something that you have never experienced before.

Shop at Pacific Fair Centre

While at Gold Coast, you can shop at Pacific Fair where you happen to get an expensive collection of luxury, iconic global brands. With more than 400 stalls, the center offers a charming combination of the world’s best products all set in the midst of tropical sceneries and an exceptional outdoor atmosphere. Besides, you can dine with more than 20 casual and upmarket restaurants that offer an array of food options.

Explore the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

At Gold Coast, you can discover the natural splendor of 27 hectares of Currumbin tropical forest. You will experience the Aboriginal performances, the free flight bird shows, and the wild lorikeet feeding. Moreover, there is a huge outdoor themed playground with plenty of entertainment on the wild island for kids to enjoy.

Visit The Movie World

Here, there a realm of fun and fantasy and you will get a chance to meet your fantastic heroes and favorite stars. Besides, you will experience movie attractions and the excitement of first-class escapade rides. You will get to enjoy plenty of live performances with a variety of live shows that your whole family will love.

Experience an infinity attraction

When you visit Gold Coast, you can ignite your imagination and challenge your senses by having a unique and mind-blowing expedition into a remarkable, hi-tech puzzling world of wonder. You will have fun and scream in an amazing series of about 20 multi-sensual locations packed with distinctive things, impressive sound arenas and great illusions that seem to go all the way to infinity. This will afford you thrilling, interactive and hilarious experience with memorable impact.

In the Gold Coast, there are a broad range of things in different worlds that you can experience and they will definitely propel you through a powerful time warp. Discover an awesome beauty at the Gold Coast. The zone will help you unleash and refresh your mind as you imagine the unexpected.