The Best Jet Ski Hires on the Gold Coast

Jet Ski is the brand name of a personal watercraft manufactured by Kawasaki. It is a type of water vehicle used for recreation, and you should know how to drive one before you venture out on the water. If you already know how to use a jet ski, here are the kinds of top jet ski hires you can find on the Gold Coast.

– You can rent a jet ski that comes with a free tutorial-something great for travelers new to water sports. You’ll receive a safety briefing, after which you’ll put on a life jacket and experience a half-hour ride on the water. This rental is inside the Seaworld Resort; after you ride on the jet ski, you can use the resort facilities for free,

– You can opt for a one-hour jet ski experience from Main Beach. You can cruise up to South Stradbroke Island, traveling about 15 kilometers. On the way, you get to see the beaches and groves and mangroves’ natural beauty.

– You might enjoy taking a jet ski tour where no license is required; you get to ride on lovely waterways of the Gold Coast on a guided one-hour tour. You’ll get to see South Stradbroke Island, Couran Cove, and the Sovereign Islands. Then zipping through mangrove forests and along the coastline, This is all provided with full instruction and available.

– if you like, you can take the ultimate adventure where you jet ski through winding, hightide passages that will make you turn every which way. This guided half-day adventure is 80 kilometers. Just keep following your guide and get a look at tropical plant life as you glide over the water under mangrove trees and finally stop at a South Stradbroke Island for a break.

– Take a 30-minute jet ski adventure, which will take you on a wild ride along lovely beaches.

You’ll be heading to Wave Break Island, through Crab Island, heading south of Sovereign Island, and down to South Stradbroke Island’s shores.

– You and your partner might enjoy something thrilling like a three-in-one adventure that includes jet skiing, flyboarding, and parasailing, This kind of combo tour is available on the Gold Coast, and you can choose the time of departure. If you wish, you can take a brief training lesson and then get outfitted with all the right equipment.

– If you like, you can choose a jet ski and parasailing package that gives you an on the water and up in the air adventure. You can get amazing views of the Gold Coast and hire and ride your jet ski feeling the freedom of cruising on the water. This package comes based on two people sharing a jet ski and a tandem parasail.

– Make it a jet boat and jet ski combo on the Gold Coast Broadwater. The jet boat ride takes 45 kilometers round trip. You depart from the GC Base at Marina Mirages and enjoy the water at 75kph. Then you can take out the jet ski on a guided tour.

– You can choose to take a jet ski safari tour along the Gold Coast Broadwater with a guide. You’ll enjoy taking the narrow mangrove passages and jetting past isolated islands. Along the way, you might get to see some wildlife and enjoy high-speed wave riding. This kind of adventure gives you a stopover on an island for a much-needed break

These are just some of the top packages offered for jet skiers and adventure seekers. You can take a look online for all that is available and make your choice.

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