Holiday Party Venue Choices in Brisbane

When organizing a Christmas event, one might be stuck between many decisions, but choosing the right venue and a better location is one decision that has a big impact on the event. A person should consider everything starting with the date of the event, the best catering option, the quality sound system, and the attendees’ best experience that will depend on the venue, the good hospitality of the venue, and the location you have selected.


When choosing a good venue, you should consider booking the venue earlier to avoid late misunderstandings. Distance between the venue and the attendees should be considered and if the attendees of the event come within the local area, then you should consider looking for a local venue that’s within a reasonable distance. If many attendees will travel out of town to come and attend the venue then you should consider a venue near their hotels. In this case, don’t forget to consider traffic jams as transportation and parking areas should be arranged.


Parking space is one of the biggest problems facing many hotels and places where events are held. Does the venue have enough parking space for the event? If that’s the case then take a walk around the venue area and see if there are parking lots nearby that attendees can access and use. A safe parking lot is another factor since thieves might be around and steal some crucial stuff that will interfere with the event. A good safe parking space for the venue is a big factor to be considered.


The capacity of the venue is a big consideration to be made. The attendees might attend more than the expected number leading to some attendees lacking seats and space. So while choosing a good venue the event holder should be straight and sure of how many attendees are expected to avoid some embarrassment. You will need to know the capacity of the venue for a few reasons like the amount of food, drinks, and chairs that will be set to be used on that specific day.


This is the part of the venue that has a big impact on the event. For example, a Christmas event is a type of event that is full of a delicious meal. It is a type of event in which people come together to eat and celebrate the birth of Christ. The venue should have capable and clean kitchen stuff. The big question you should ask yourself is “Does the venue have a kitchen? Can it provide good catering for this event? Or like some venues, they lack a kitchen so they always partner with the food provider that you are required to use. Does the venue have a good dining hall, tables, chairs, and linens you can use? If the venue has all these requirements then you can save a great deal of money and effort by using what they have.


Even after you have already found your venue early in the event planning process, you will still want a rough idea of what type of activities will be available, the amenities to be used that day, and see if they are enough and the needs of your team and the attendees. While narrowing down your selection then you should know that the layout and the floor plan will greatly interfere with and affect the aspects of the event.

Another tip: book your Christmas party venue early, and enjoy discounts that you can’t have when you book to near to the holiday rush.

What whale watching tours in Hervey Bay can offer

It’s time to gather the family and make plans when whale watch season arrives. And the best you can do to make whale watching a memorable experience for everyone is to search for the best spots for it!

Opting for a whale watch, Hervey Bay is the best decision to make. It’s because Hervey Bay is considered to be the best spot to watch whales. Why?

It has been found that whales tend to stay for a couple of days in Hervey Bay than in any other whale watching spot in Australia. The coast of Hervey Bay provides the perfect spot for whales to nourish their young as well as recharge after their yearly trip from Antarctica.

Why Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay has proven to be THE destination of the Humpback whales as their annual check-in place. The protected and calm waters of Fraser Island are seen by the whales as the ideal spot to teach “adulting” to their young.

The whole nine yards of whale cavorting is realised when the whales make their annual migration on Hervey Bay. This is a phenomenon that has launched the dedication of the region to research and celebrate the ties with these magnificent creatures. The region’s dedication towards the safety of the whales and the phenomenon of making Hervey Bay the whale’s ultimate destination has made it one of the first Whale Heritage Sites of the world.

When is the best time to go?

July to November is the months the whales time their visits. It means that timing your visit during these months provides you with the best whale-watching experience. The whales’ timed and expected arrival during these months have made various whale-watching tours offer money-back guarantees to clients. It is because they feel so confident are the whales will be there at the expected time and season every year.

A host of welcoming whale celebrations is offered by Hervey Bay to all visitors. One of the most exciting celebrations is the “Paddle Out for Whales” celebration.

Paddle Out for Whales celebration allows multitudes of people to use SUPs, surfboards, bright inflatables, and kayaks to float out on the bay. The use of the various seaworthy accessories is to raise awareness of the need to conserve the welfare and environment of the whale.

What’s the best boat choice?

There is a subtle difference between whale-watching tours offered on Hervey Bay. Opting for a larger vessel allows you to enjoy a motor cruise trip around the bay for an entire day. The multiple viewing decks offered by larger vessels make whale-watching an enjoyable up-close experience.

However, a more intimate whale-watching experience is offered by smaller vessels such as a 24-seater sailing catamaran. Other than a relaxing experience, choosing catamaran tours are recommended for people who want a once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming with the whales.

For people wanting a gastronomic whale-watching package tour, vessels offering gourmet and delicious food are the best choice. Not only will you experience watching the whales up close and personal; the delicious food served on the trip levels up the number of good memories.

Book a whale watching tour ahead if you want your family whale-watching vacation to be perfect and seamless for everyone.


The Best Jet Ski Hires on the Gold Coast

Jet Ski is the brand name of a personal watercraft manufactured by Kawasaki. It is a type of water vehicle used for recreation, and you should know how to drive one before you venture out on the water. If you already know how to use a jet ski, here are the kinds of top jet ski hires you can find on the Gold Coast.

– You can rent a jet ski that comes with a free tutorial-something great for travelers new to water sports. You’ll receive a safety briefing, after which you’ll put on a life jacket and experience a half-hour ride on the water. This rental is inside the Seaworld Resort; after you ride on the jet ski, you can use the resort facilities for free,

– You can opt for a one-hour jet ski experience from Main Beach. You can cruise up to South Stradbroke Island, traveling about 15 kilometers. On the way, you get to see the beaches and groves and mangroves’ natural beauty.

– You might enjoy taking a jet ski tour where no license is required; you get to ride on lovely waterways of the Gold Coast on a guided one-hour tour. You’ll get to see South Stradbroke Island, Couran Cove, and the Sovereign Islands. Then zipping through mangrove forests and along the coastline, This is all provided with full instruction and available.

– if you like, you can take the ultimate adventure where you jet ski through winding, hightide passages that will make you turn every which way. This guided half-day adventure is 80 kilometers. Just keep following your guide and get a look at tropical plant life as you glide over the water under mangrove trees and finally stop at a South Stradbroke Island for a break.

– Take a 30-minute jet ski adventure, which will take you on a wild ride along lovely beaches.

You’ll be heading to Wave Break Island, through Crab Island, heading south of Sovereign Island, and down to South Stradbroke Island’s shores.

– You and your partner might enjoy something thrilling like a three-in-one adventure that includes jet skiing, flyboarding, and parasailing, This kind of combo tour is available on the Gold Coast, and you can choose the time of departure. If you wish, you can take a brief training lesson and then get outfitted with all the right equipment.

– If you like, you can choose a jet ski and parasailing package that gives you an on the water and up in the air adventure. You can get amazing views of the Gold Coast and hire and ride your jet ski feeling the freedom of cruising on the water. This package comes based on two people sharing a jet ski and a tandem parasail.

– Make it a jet boat and jet ski combo on the Gold Coast Broadwater. The jet boat ride takes 45 kilometers round trip. You depart from the GC Base at Marina Mirages and enjoy the water at 75kph. Then you can take out the jet ski on a guided tour.

– You can choose to take a jet ski safari tour along the Gold Coast Broadwater with a guide. You’ll enjoy taking the narrow mangrove passages and jetting past isolated islands. Along the way, you might get to see some wildlife and enjoy high-speed wave riding. This kind of adventure gives you a stopover on an island for a much-needed break

These are just some of the top packages offered for jet skiers and adventure seekers. You can take a look online for all that is available and make your choice.

For more information, visit

Airport Transfers Wollongong

Wollongong is the capital city of Queensland. It the city that everyone loves to live in, work in, and take a trip to. Each day, you will get a number of people at Wollongong airport traveling to various states. Therefore, you may encounter stress while taking Wollongong airport transfers. As a result, it is vital to ensure that your Wollongong airport transfer guarantees a more relaxed journey.


Traveling to or from Wollongong airport is better with a reliable method of transport. Upon arriving in this city, you will encounter two selections for airport transport, which are public transport or taxis. Many people choose taxis as the best method of transportation, but they sometimes end up costing quite a bit. Moreover, you will often find many people at this airport, which can make the waiting times unusually high.


On the other hand, buses and trains can be quite inflexible in their services due to delays. They make stops only at specific destinations, leaving the travelers in a dilemma. And if you miss the bus or train, it may be a long wait until the next one arrives.

With all these problems, it is clear that having a Wollongong transfer will limit the chances of encountering a bad experience. Therefore, it is vital to go for the airport transfer service that offers door to door, reliable, and comfortable services with clean vehicles. Since many airport transfers can be booked directly on the plane, you are likely to incur little to no delay issues.


Importance of a Wollongong Airport Transfer


If you are an individual who is on a business trip to Wollongong, being punctual with a reliable method of transport is a must. You may notice a number of transport options that can transport you to any destination from this airport or to this airport. However, not every method of transport can promise you a reliable and immediate service. Thus, making a good choice, in this case, is required.


There are some occasions when Wollongong turns out to be difficult for navigation. This is an indication that hiring a car or using public transport is challenging. There is a high chance of getting lost while traveling via a car or public transport due to various roadworks, detours, and one-way streets within CBD and the immediate suburbs. This is likely to add a lot of inconvenience to your business trip. Therefore, going for the best airport transfer service is a good idea.


It is essential to choose a convenient and cost-effective method of airport transfer. When you do, you are promised to get premium and high-end vehicles, vehicles that can fit the desire of every traveler. Also, opt for airport transfers that are aware of the best routes all through Wollongong.

Getting Engaged!

Benefits of Buying Engagement Rings in Sydney

Have you been wondering why many people love engagement rings? Worry no more! From this article, you will get the main reasons why you need to go for an engagement ring when the right time comes.

  1. To stick with the tradition

It goes that the engagements and rings work similarly as for the case of jelly and peanut butter. Engagement rings have been there from a long time back up to this current era. Giving an engagement ring to your partner is a real indication that you love her and you’re ready to spend your life with her. Also, since we live according to our traditions, it becomes hard to engage in a relationship without the custom engagement ring.

  1. Show off your financial savvy

There is no need for spending a lot of money to purchase an engagement ring. Also, never allow conventional wisdom and advertising to dictate the amount of money you paid. If you don’t have enough cash, you can decide to go for the nearly colourless diamond ring that looks shiny and fancy to your eyes that will allow you to stay within the budget.

  1. An indication that you’re not a loser

After realising that you’re engaged, the first thing friends will wish to check is the engagement ring. Therefore, the only way to avoid the wrath of these angry friends is to have an engagement ring to defend yourself if the need arises.

  1. An indication that you love your partner

Yes, nothing gives a clear indication of true love like an engagement ring. Having an engagement ring gives a clear impression that your love your partner and you’re ready to show her/him off to the public.

  1. Gives a nice look

Do you know that one more unique character with women is that they love looking nice? Yes, it also goes that an engagement ring symbolises love and status. Women would always love to show off to their friends how the fiancé spent a lot of money to purchase that nice-looking engagement ring. Other than this, an engagement contributes a lot in adding much more sentimental value to the woman’s life.

  1. To avoid the wrath of the coming in-laws

The most obvious reason why we always go for the engagement rings is to avoid the anger that’s likely to emerge from the in-laws in the future. It doesn’t mean whether you’re a hedge fund manager, a lawyer or a doctor. It goes that bestowing a good-looking engagement ring upon the child, you’re in a position of scoring points. Even with this, they’ll conclude that you’re good with money.

Budget Accommodation in Australia

visit several establishments before making your choice to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some hostels leave much to be desired cleanliness and comfort, others can be noisy (there are sometimes music bars and even nightclubs): then ask for a room on the highest floors or remote living spaces.

Good alternative for couples wanting more privacy: book a double room, rather than a bed in dormitory. The price is quite high, but often lower than that of a hotel, and we take advantage of all the services available.

Finally, watch the free BBQ, pizza night or happy dinner evenings at your hostel A good plan to eat cheap or free!

Camping and caravanning

With its sunny climate and variety of exceptional sites, the East and Red Center of Australia are the ideal playground for travelers traveling by car, van or motorcycle. Wide choice of campsites ( caravan park, camp park or campsite ) to pitch your tent, park your motorhome (between 10 and 30 $ per night) or rent bungalows ( cabins ) with all the modern comforts (between 50 and 170 $ the night).

Most parks have outdoor barbecues , toilets and showers, swimming pool, electricity connection …

There are also free camping and caravanning areas ( free camp or rest area ) outside the cities, often with toilets and sometimes even with showers and barbecues.

Possibility to stay several nights. Drinking water distribution points are rarer (think of cans or water reserves!). Warning: these areas are often full in high season in the most tourist areas … Always plan a fallback, especially if you arrive in the evening!

List of areas to be found at tourist information centers or in the Camps Australia Wide guide .
Also on the mobile application Wikicamps , paid, but quickly profitable and probably the most complete with nearly 10,000 references!

Bed & Breakfast

There are some everywhere on the east coast . Bungalows on the beach, old farmhouses, cottages, homestays … You’ll be spoiled for choice! Provided however to put the price, especially in high season (between $ 100 and $ 300 per night). As the name suggests, breakfast is included.

The tourist information centers can provide you with a list of Bed & Breakfasts in the area.

Accommodation and hotels Australia

No difficulty to find the type of accommodation that suits you: there is something for every taste and every budget. From the standard hotel to the free camping through the hostels or homestays.

In Sydney, Melbourne and along the Great Barrier Reef, however, make reservations during the high season . At this time, camping areas and youth hostels can quickly be stormed!

Youth hostels ( backpackers )

A solution of choice for budget travelers. Present in almost all cities, backpackers offer excellent value for money (between $ 20 and $ 40 per night in a dormitory of 4 to 16 beds and between $ 60 and $ 120 per person in a double room with private bathroom or not) .

There is usually a common area where you can cook and store your food, a TV lounge, a laundrette, computers and wifi (sometimes paying) … Bathroom and sanitary facilities most of the time. Sheets and pillowcases are often provided and some inns offer breakfast (coffee, tea, bread, jams).

The dormitories can be mixed (but we warn you before).

No age limit to stay. If you like your comfort and privacy, go your way. Because here you will share everything … with everyone!

But the backpacker remains a great vector for meetings and exchanges with travelers and locals (many Australian students live in hostels). This is also where you can share your good plans and maybe get to know your fellow travelers.

Keep an eye on the small ads in each backpacker and feel free to drop your own for a job search, buy or sell a car …

Some hostels are affiliated with the YHA International Network. If you have a membership card (which costs $ 25 for 1 year), you will be entitled to reductions on your nights (10% on average).