Budget Accommodation

How To Find A Budget Accommodation In Gold Coast

Golden Coast is a region in Brisbane, known for its surfing spots, elaborate system of waterways and inland canals, and long sandy beaches and also a home for famous theme parks like Seaworld, Wet n’ Wild and Dreamworld. But of course, however good and satisfactory sceneries and activities are, vacation will never be complete without good and comforting accommodation.

Finding a budget accommodation Gold Coast

It is expected that vacation or holiday is costly, trying to keep accommodation satisfactory yet low is ideal. Below are few tips you can consider finding a budget accommodation Gold Coast:

Consider location

Finding a budget accommodation Gold Coast that is miles away your destination completely defeats the “saving” purpose. Paying transportation plus time spent travelling from one point to another will not only make your vacation more expensive but tiring.

Stay longer days in just one accommodation

Best deals are offered to those who are staying in an accommodation for more than a night. Some are giving away one day free for 3 days accommodations.

Travel during the shoulder season

The season matters big time in accommodation rates. If you want to get the cheapest rates, travel between peak season and off peak.

Book accommodations that provide free cancellation

Tip is to reserve the cheapest accommodation you see online, and always be on the lookout for cheaper rates that will come out, may it be from the same hotel or different one. But you have to make sure that the first reservation you made offers free cancellation, read their terms and conditions and make sure that you alarm your phone for cancellation deadlines.

Check on the facilities

Does the accommodation provide free airport shuttle, free WiFi, free cable TV, free breakfast, BBQ areas, an indoor pool and the like? Is there a microwave, a coffee machine or fridge? A microwave and fridge may be used for reheating and storing leftovers, which help you save money from eating out.

Check available deals

If you are travelling with the entire family, best to ask accommodations if they have available discounted family rates like free meals for your children.

  • Follow different accommodations on social media

Like and follow accommodations on different social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter. Most accommodations give away cheap deals, special coupons and even free accommodation directly on their social media channels.

Book early

Most accommodations offer early bird discounts to early bookings and reservations. If you are sure where to stay in Gold Coast, best to book early and ask what they can offer you since you booked a lot earlier than actual date of stay, some may offer better rates or extended hours.

There are more ways to get budget accommodation Gold Coast, hence best to take advantage of it, and enjoy your stay with a lesser cost.