Best ways to Backpack in Gold Coast

Backpacking is the activity of carrying your belongings on your back and hiking for a period of time. It can happen anywhere, and with so many attractions in the Gold Coast Queensland, backpacking here is a popular hobby for anyone seeking the insight into a backpacker’s life. Australia has been called the most popular place for people to backpack, and the country does have many opportunities to make the backpacking life easy and accessible for anyone.

Where to stay?

Several hotels in Queensland cater to backpackers with free internet and parking, a pool, bar, and several other amenities for a cheap price. The combination of good hotel quality and a cheap budget makes it ideal for a backpacker’s life, enabling you to rent a room and then move on. Another unique opportunity is to rent a houseboat to live on, allowing you to see the seaside and the islands of Australia, while also having a constant place to live.

Attractions at Gold Coast:

The attractions at Gold Coast include beaches and parties, a lush rainforest concealing smaller towns and villages with their own activities, nightclubs and restaurants with food and drink, and monthly and annual activities such as supercar races, concerts, and parties. There will always be something for a backpacker to do with choices of urban and rural areas, and with a little exploration, you can find things and places off the beaten path. One of these areas is the Hinterland rainforest which not only holds not only a wildlife sanctuary with some of Australia’s native animals but also has a rope and ziplining course for some action in the trees. Lodges in the rainforest are also available for rent, giving you a rural experience despite being an hour away from the beachline.

Activities and things to do:

From surfing at the major beaches, whale watching at specific points in the year, camping in the rainforest, snorkeling and paddle boarding, the Gold Coast has many things to do aside from the major attractions you’ll find in brochures. You can even find a job picking fruit or working in a factory along with other backpackers and locals, the work is hard and repetitive, but can be a great way to connect with people like you and earn some reasonably good money while on your trip to the Coast.

Regardless of your experience or how hardcore of a backpacker you are, or if you want to go anywhere in Australia or just the Gold Coast, backpacking is a fun adventure that tests your skills and exposes you to new situations and people. If you choose to backpack in the Gold Coast, it will certainly be an unforgettable experience.